Analyze your app’s performance

Measure how long your user flows take to run and review trending over time. Catch performance regressions as soon as they are introduced.


Catch app crashes

It is critical to know that your app crashes under certain conditions before it is released. NimbleApp provides automated crash detection for all of its profiled Scenarios, and any crash will be reported along with the accompanying stack trace to help you determine the root cause.

Detect memory leaks

For every user flow that NimbleApp profiles, it searches for memory leaks. In addition to reporting the presence of a leak, the root cause is reported via the reference chain for the leak. When used in Continuous Integration or as part of a release checklist, it can ensure dangerous leak never make it to production.


Get alerts for slowness, memory leaks, and crashes

Once you integrate NimbleApp with your Continuous Integration you can configure email and Slack alerts to inform you about slowdowns, memory leaks, or app crashes. Stop manually checking your results and automate your way to peace of mind!


Auto-discover user flows

Once you upload your APK, NimbleApp will crawl the interface and identify user flows that your users can click through. Each of these flows will be added to the list of Scenarios that NimbleApp will profile and analyze.

Tree structure

Create Customized User Flows

In addition to our auto-discovered user flows, you can create custom user flows with as many steps as needed to profile actions that are critical to your business. Custom flows are created using standard Espresso syntax, and you can use simple log statements to annotate the exact start and stop of measurements. No SDK required.


Pinpoint slowdown root causes with method call stacks

In addition to spotting and measuring slowdowns, you can pinpoint the exact cause by examining the call stack of slow methods to determine the root cause.

Track method count

Keeping method count down is often a prime concern for developers, whether it’s their own code or an SDK they are integrating. NimbleApp lets you find out what’s adding to your method count.


Measure network, memory, and disk usage

See how your app is using system resources for each Scenario that we profile.

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