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Get regression alerts instantly

Alerts for slowdowns, crashes, and other critical issues as soon as problem code is introduced


Track performance history

Give your team insight into how app performance has changed over time


Find the root cause

Pinpoint the root cause of issues with fine-grained diagnostics


Add to Continuous Integration

Monitor every build of your app with our CI server integration


Real Device Cloud

Get accurate results running on real devices we manage


More Features Coming...

We kept adding new Feature to NimbleApp, stay turned.

Over 1357851 Apps

and versions profiled by NimbleApp, and it’s still counting!

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What’s in it for


Catch and fix regressions in your code before they go to production.


Speed up your release checklist and catch hard to find issues.

Product and Engineering Managers:

Keep your revenue and user engagement high by monitoring critical app metrics.

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*The product formerly called NimbleDroid is now known as NimbleApp.